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Discover A Simple Game Plan for Passing the Adjuster Course in One Week or Less, While Working Your Day Job & Getting 8 Hours of Sleep!
What You're About To Learn:

Our Proven 3 STEP Formula for Passing Your Exam on the 1st Try...

STEP 1: Take State-Required Course w/ Chapter Walkthrough Video Modules

 Over-the-shoulder training modules that a 5th-grader can follow. 

 Step-by-step video instructions with each chapter broken down in small digestible chunks.

 Hard copy book delivered to your doorstep... designed exclusively for your state. 

STEP 2: Use Our State-of-the-Art Practice Exam Simulator

 FREE! 1-of-a-kind exam simulator only available to our students 

 FREE! Over 1,000 practice questions w/answers

 Unlimited attempts + PDF Versions Available 

STEP 3: 1-on-1 Phone Consultation w/a Licensed Adjuster

 Here's where we go through all the detail (leaving no stone unturned)...making sure you're ready for the exam and failure is not an option. 

 Learn the little-known secrets for passing (on the 1st try) during your 15-minute  phone consultation. 

This is the biggest secret in the industry. And, unfortunately, due to state laws, I can only take a limited number of students
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